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Golf Lessons at Jensen Beach Golf Club

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At Jensen Beach Golf Club, we understand that golf is not just a game; it’s a passion, a lifestyle, and a constant pursuit of improvement. Whether you’re a beginner eager to learn the fundamentals or an experienced golfer looking to refine your skills, our dedicated team of professional instructors is here to help you take your game to the next level.


Why Choose Jensen Beach Golf Club for Golf Lessons?

Expert Instructors

Our team of highly skilled and experienced golf instructors is committed to providing top-notch coaching tailored to your individual needs. They possess a deep understanding of the game and utilize proven teaching techniques to ensure you receive the best instruction possible.

Personalized Instruction

We believe that effective golf instruction is a personalized journey. Our instructors take the time to assess your strengths, weaknesses, and goals, enabling them to create a customized lesson plan specifically designed to help you achieve your objectives. Whether you need help with your swing, short game, or course management, we’ve got you covered.

All Skill Levels Welcome

We cater to golfers of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced players. Our instructors have the expertise to guide beginners through the basics of golf, ensuring a strong foundation for future improvement. For more experienced golfers, we offer advanced techniques and strategies to help you reach new heights in your game.

Fun Atmosphere

At Jensen Beach Golf Club, we believe that learning should be enjoyable. Our instructors foster a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, making your golf lessons both productive and fun. We strive to create an environment where you feel comfortable asking questions, making mistakes, and ultimately growing as a golfer.

Our Golf Instructors

Billy Skully, PGA

Bill has held the titles of Head Professional, Director of Golf, Director of Instruction, and General Manager
at Private, Semi-Private, and Resort Facilities throughout his career.

Over 30 years ago Bill’s knowledge and passion for the game of golf inspired him to develop
“The Complete Golfer”. A complete Teaching, Equipment, and Bio-Mechanical Program
for golfers of all ability levels.

He has retired from the duties of daily golf operations but his passion for
teaching has never waivered.

  • 1/2 Hour Lesson Fee $70.
  • 1 Hour Lesson Fee $120.
  • Playing Lesson Fee (approx. 2 hours) $220.
  • Call him directly at 772-370-0381 to schedule a lesson.

Cliff Lawson, PGA

Cliff Lawson has more than 45 years of experience as a golf instructor and has been affiliated with Jensen Beach Golf Club since 2014. His credentials include, but are not limited to, having served as Senior VP and Director of Instruction for the world-renowned John Jacobs’ Golf Schools and Head Instructor for the Golf Digest Schools. During his tenure in this capacity, Cliff established school locations at more than two dozen properties throughout the U.S. and oversaw a staff of more than 100 teaching professionals.

Over the course of his career, Cliff has written more than 50 instruction articles that have appeared in leading golf publications and various periodicals. His broad range of accomplishments resulted in him being named as one of “America’s Best Teachers” by Golf Digest and ranked among the Top 5 Instructors in the state of Nevada for six consecutive years.

Cliff is licensed with V1 Sports and operates his “Branded Academy”, which includes video analysis with graphics and voiceover in all of his lesson packages. His extensive knowledge of the golf swing, combined with his simple teaching philosophy, has enabled Cliff’s students to see significant improvement under his direction.

For information on scheduling, contact Cliff at: (772) 485-8891


Click Here for Cliff’s packages and rates

Laurie Rinker

Laurie Rinker was born in Stuart, Florida. Laurie’s father, Laine, shared his love for the game with his children. Laurie, Larry and Lee all played at the highest level making the Rinker’s one of the most successful golf families.

Laurie won at every level of golf, from winning the USGA Junior Girls, Two-time first team All-American, 3 wins on the LPGA Tour, most recently she has won 4 LPGA Legends Tour events. Laurie would like to share her love and knowledge of the game with you.

Marie-Claire De Bortoli

  • LPGA Master professional
  • National teacher of the year 2005
  • 50 top teachers of the year 2023

I offer single lessons, series of lessons, playing lessons and group clinics .

  • $ 60 for 1/2 H
  • $120 for 1H
  • $100 per hour for a series of private lessons (4 minimum)
  • $200 for group clinics ( 4 one hour lessons over 4 weeks )

Golf is a wonderful game. To enjoy it it’s important to be trained and coached the right way. For me, teaching golf is communication and even more listening: it can be for beginners, intermediates and advanced players. Keeping it simple is the key: “less is more“ and “less movement, less mistakes”.

Each student is unique and you have to adapt your teaching to each of them.

Wayne Huffines

Born in Miami Florida, and graduated from the Universit of MIami in 1974. Wayne has a BBA in accounting however, he turned pro in 1975 where he played the European, Australian and Asian Tours through 1985. 

Wayne has been teaching for 50 years and credits his mentor, hall of fame teacher Bob Toski in which he named one of his two inventions after; The Toski Touch, which gives immediate feedback to the student. 

The Toski Touch identifies a sway immediatley and teaches the student lateral shifting and turning.

Wayne’s other invention is the elevator to better golf. Since golf is a hand eye cordinated sprort it helps the beginner to get success queicker by using a short club and slowly moving the student down two inches at a time until the ball is on the ground.

Wayne teaches the First Tee eveery Staruea at 9 AM and the Verternas every Wednesday at 12PM

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